Dear Past & Present individuals who have served/are serving in this country’s military,

Thank you.

Thank you for leaving your families and your homes, your comforts and your dreams. Thank you for all that we know you do, and all that we know nothing about. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to fall asleep at night knowing that if I die, it won’t be because of an attack on our nation. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made and are making as I type this. You are appreciated and you are loved, and you will be welcomed home with open arms. Those who have served this country in the past, I have not forgotten what you have done, and I salute you. We have a country full of brave people; Bravery is not limited by the jobs that we do. However, I think it’s important to take the time to recognize the brave men and women in our military. You are all in my prayers. If you’re safe at home, and your mind is full of memories of war…I’m praying that you will find peace and comfort. If you have lost a loved one to war…I pray the same prayer for you. If you are currently fighting for us…I pray that God brings you home safe, and when He does…that you will also find peace and comfort.

It’s Veteran’s Day…they’ve earned it. Say Thanks.