Fell in love with my mom the first moment he laid eyes on her…braces. Or was it her butt? Anyway…it was love at first sight.

He knew her family before he even knew who she was. Their social circles were intertwined, and eventually they managed to find one another.

He lived in Pittsburgh, and she lived in Cleveland…not a match made in heaven, you say? I beg to differ. He drove to Cleveland every weekend to see her, sometimes in the middle of the week leaving early enough to make it to the mill in time for work. He proposed to her after knowing her for a month. One month. Why? He said he didn’t want anyone else to have her.

They were married six months later.

He left Pittsburgh…his job, his friends and his family to move to Cleveland to be with her. She would have moved to Pittsburgh, but she didn’t have to. They would have done anything for the other.

They still would do anything. Sometimes they take off days from work just to spend the day together.

My parents can’t stand to be away from each other…it’s sickening sometimes, but it’s amazing. They love each other like a fairy tale.

I want that.

I learned how to love from them. By watching them, I’ve learned how to give love unconditionally, and I’ve learned that it IS possible to be loved unconditionally. But I’ve yet to find someone who will do it.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again…I will not settle for less.

My Friend, Little Buddy, always tells me…”Nikol, if you want to know how a guy really feels, pay attention to what he DOES, not what he SAYS.”

My dad never has to talk…he wears his heart on his sleeve. So does his daughter.