She can afford as many horses as she wants.

I was going to post about how I was going to buy a kitten, and how I went to the petstore the other day and fell in LOVE with the cutest. one. ever. But I’m not going to write about that, because I have typed it so many times and Blogger has erased it so many times, that I am just tired of hearing about it. So…I’m going to post about my date last night instead…

…this is SO not about Cowboy…sorry to disappoint. I took my little brother to the movies to see “Dreamer”. He’s 13, and I don’t think he was too excited about seeing a movie about a little girl and her horse, but I just had to see this movie. I always wanted to be a little girl with a horse, and it never happened. I was born on a farm, with horses, but then we moved when I went to first grade and we’ve lived in city and suburbs ever since. Someday I’ll be on a farm again, but until then, I have to drag people against their will to movies about little girls and horses.

Anyway, I’ll try not to ruin the movie for you because I know you are all going to rush out to see it. But when Sonador went down and broke her leg, Sasha and I gasped and yelled quite loudly, “OH NO!”. The jockey went flying through the air, but we both said, “who cares about the guy, I hope the HORSE is ok!” After this scene, I knew he was hooked.

Of course, the movie ends with a race, and Sonador is the underdog, and things happen during the race to make you think you’ve sat through an hour and a half for absolutely nothing because the damn horse is going to lose. However….this is a family movie, and kids believe in miracles. Oh, and what a miracle it was when my sarcastic, teenaged brother and his 27 year old sister were bouncing up and down in their movie theater seats, fists clenched, arms in the air, cheering, “Run, Sonador! You can do it! Go, Go, GO!” Oh yeah. Wonders never cease.