I just realized that I am Carrie, and Cowboy is Aidan. You remember the episode where Carrie creates her own drama because everything in her and Aidan’s relationship was so perfect? Well, I’m not saying everything in our relationship is perfect, but roll with me here.

She asks Aidan to give her some space, and maybe they shouldn’t see each other so much so they can actually miss each other. She wanted them to be less available to each other. Well, I told Cowboy after the whole “puking” episode that I wanted some space, and that I didn’t want to see him until this weekend. Since then, we haven’t even talked on the phone. We’ve text messaged a couple times, but only very briefly. So today I messaged him, asking him if he was mad at me because I am neurotic and the fact that I haven’t heard from him makes me think he hates me. He returned my message with, “You asked for space, so I was giving you space.” HOLYSHIT! He’s right. Oopsie.

That is so what Aidan told Carrie when she asked why he hadn’t called her back. He said, “You asked me to be less available, so I was being less available.”

Sidenote: I never understood why Carrie cheated on Aidan. I wanted them to be together forever. He was awesome.