1. Eating Peanut Butter

2. Going to a Halloween party and then turning around 2 hours later to take my drunk boyfriend home.

3. Returning to the Halloween party sans boyfriend to party the night away.

4. Eating cold pizza.

5. Going home to find boyfriend puking in bathroom sink.

6. Begging wonderful cousin to plunge bathroom sink as I exercised my gag reflex.

7. Eating cookie dough.

8. Eating spaghetti sandwiches and watching scary movies.

9. Watching Steelers play horrible football, but still win.

10. Eating Halloween candy.

11. Raging like a lunatic at boyfriend due to Sloppy Drunkenness and the neverending PreMenstrual Syndrome.

12. Eating Kit Kats dipped in Peanut Butter.

13. Sleeping.

14. Plotting my next move on this gameboard we call “Life”. I wish I had a car full of those pink and blue pegs like in the real game. I was better at that game than I am at this one.

15. Praying for God to tell me what to do with every breath.

He’s telling me to go get a Snickers bar.