Sometimes I listen to the radio on the way to work, and I wonder how I find meaning in life on the days when I choose to pop in a CD instead. This is why…

Yesterday, they were discussing things that people put in their dishwashers. Reportedly, some people put baseball caps, ceiling fans, light fixtures…all perfectly acceptable things, I think. However….according to this survey, people put everything from “toys” to new dishwasher safe TOILET SEATS in their dishwashers!

These are the moments when I’m happy to have to wash everything by hand.

In other news, I have a cough. Every time I breathe, I cough. It is annoying and stupid and I hate it. Also, I want to eat the whole world of vittles right now. Haha…vittles…I learned that this was food in like, 7th grade, and now I just wanted to say it. That’s right, my friends, it’s PMS time, and you all know what that means. I want to eat, and I want to poke your eyes out with my toe. (Well, not YOUR eyeballs, but certain coworkers’ for sure.)

This weekend is going to be heaven. But you know what’s sad? I am more excited thinking about the food I am going to eat, than I am for the fact that my costume rocks and I’m going to have a kickass time at a Halloween party. I just can’t wait to make cookies, and have spaghetti dinner at my mom’s house, and she’s making a cake for my dad’s birthday and I’m going to PIG OUT! OMG…I’m salivating. South Beach Diet can SUCK IT because I just want to be fat.

Also, I am going to be having 7 other people besides myself crashing at my apartment Saturday night. People will be laying on the floor in the hallway and the bathroom and who knows where else, and all I can think is, “I sure hope Cowboy doesn’t pee on them.”

It all comes back around to toilets somehow, People.