Had a dream last night that Nan and I went to this club where when you walk in the door there is a huge computer screen with an opening in the bottom for things to come out…like a giant gumball machine. HOWEVER…gumballs didn’t come out…amazing outfits did! Before you went into the club, you could search the computer for the outfit you wanted, and then you put in a quarter, and out popped the outfit! I chose a turquoise little number and then Nan’s boyfriend came over and told us it was stupid (Damn you, Gianni!) and I woke up. BOOOOOO!

So Cowboy just called me to tell me that he was listening to the radio and this woman divorced her husband because his penis was too small. WTF is it with guys and the size of their penis? Who gives a shit? It’s like they have these little get-togethers where they whip out the rulers and measure…then the guy with the biggest one gets to be the leader of the pack. If there are any guys reading this today…please explain the infatuation!

Also, I feel like PIGGING OUT today. I strongly believe that when the weather gets colder, my body instinctively says, “EAT MORE!” I’m trying to resist, but I’m a weak, weak girl with a love for carbohydrates.