I love choices. Options. Something else to turn to when I’m sick of the thing sitting in front of me. I’ve done this with guys that I date for a minute, clothing that I buy and never wear, promises I never keep to myself like, “I will write something everyday and then I will have a novel completed by the end of the year”. Right. That so never happens. But this occurs most when I’m eating. Even if I don’t finish everything on my plate, I want the plate to be filled with several things for me to munch on. HOWEVER…I have been eating the Same. Freaking. Things. Every. Day.

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and string cheese
Lunch: Cereal
Dinner: Either an cheesy eggs with salsa OR chicken with cheese and salsa and green beans

This is my diet. This is what I eat. The things I drink are even worse…water, water, water, iced tea, water.

Now obviously I waver from this pattern on occassion (last night, when I’m drunk, etc.), but mostly, this is how it is. And frankly, my friends, I’m sick of it! I miss my friend Chunk! I MISS HIM MORE THAN I MISS TONY DANZA ON WHO’S THE BOSS!!!! (By the way, Tony Danza is a grandpa…saw it People magazine.) I miss Alyssa Milano on that show too. She was nice when she was a teenager. Now I imagine her bitchy. But maybe that’s just because she’s pretty. I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. But I do that, you know. When I’m looking at books at the book store…I read the book jackets of the ones with the coolest covers…

I mean, don’t you guys feel like something is missing from this blog? Fern has been living with his grandparents for like a MONTH or something crazy like that, and I really think I need to get him back! I know I practically killed him, but the important thing to remember here is that I DIDN’T kill him.

There is a void. And I need to fill it. I haven’t had a piece of chocolate in a long ass time. Maybe that’s what I need. Or maybe I need to just get up and walk around the office throwing “jazz hands” over random coworker’s cubicle walls…that would be fun.

I’m restless.