Last night the girls went out to Fat Fish Blue for Nan’s birthday. We had an AWESOME dinner with blues music playing in the background (including a sexy guitarist directly to my left–the girls did NOT agree with my opinion of his sexiness, but what can I say? I have a weakness for musicians.). Dinner is over, and here comes the bill. Nan’s mom announces, “My treat, I got this.” Katie K responds with, “Fu*% You, you don’t!” We all just sat there for a minute staring at her.

Did she seriously just say F.U. to Sandie????

This is why we love Katie K. Sandie loves her too…she just laughed.

THEN…we were discussing random drunken escapades, and Sandie says, “Katie, you were feeling pretty good that night.” Katie, the ever prim and proper responds, “you bet your ass I was!”


I’m sure the night went on late into this morning, but I left early enough to be able to wake up at 6am.

Dear Nan,
I hope your 25th was spectacular! You’re going to have an amazing year!