I’m going camping this weekend with Cowboy….and my family. This isn’t the first time I’ve brought a boyfriend camping with my family, but it is the first time since I was 16 and my dad threatened my then-boyfriend, future ex-husband if he didn’t stay on his side of the tent. I’m 27 now, and I fear that my father’s actions won’t be much different with Cowboy this weekend. We shall see.

Cowboy NEEDS to watch the Ohio State game Saturday. So…being the awesome girlfriend I am, I’ve been searching for a sports bar “in town”. By “in town” I mean at one of the establishments with a paved driveway/parking lot. There aren’t many. Actually, there aren’t ANY. I’ve only gone “in town” to get gas at a gas station, and they didn’t even have Pay at the Pump. So far I’ve found “Howdy’s Tavern” and “Bud’s Pub”. I’m thinking they might not have cable, what do you think?

It’s supposed to rain all day today which means we’ll get to sleep out in the rain. I love hearing the rain hit the tent…it’s soothing. However…I hate it when I have a bug in my sleeping bag, which is exactly what happened the last time I went camping. It crawled up my leg and I jumped around frantically screaming like a little bitch. When I finally thought it was safe to get back under the covers, it started crawling up my stomach! I freaked out a little bit, but then my friend, Christopher, saved my life.

Cowboy better be prepared to safe my life if he wants this relationship to work. And if he can’t safe my life, do you think he might be able to save it? (God, I’m an idiot…yeah, English degree, believe it or not.) I mean, bug-killers are a necessity, and he doesn’t believe in killing them. He says, “what did they ever do to you?” Ummmm…HEl-looo! They look at me with their buggy eyes and twitching antennae and I know they’re saying in some gross, native bug tongue, “bite her…bite the girl and inject her with bug poison! Crawl all over her with your disease-infested legs so she feels slimy!” Geez, Cowboy, just kill the little f*#&ers!

But I do really like camping.