I am fairly open-minded. I understand that everyone has different beliefs and not everyone agrees with mine. Regardless of this, I respect the ideas and beliefs of others, and I don’t understand this.

The kicker is that the people of this church raised thousands of dollars to renovate the icons that adorn every inch of every wall of this church. Now…if it rains, the water will seep in and damage blessed artwork over a century old. This church is a historical landmark in Cleveland, and above all else…it’s a house of Worship. Oh, you need your crack? Need your heroine? Go ahead, climb to the top of a cathedral and rip sheets of copper off our church. What’s ours is yours, my friend. Funny thing is…this is God’s. They’re lucky He’s merciful and didn’t let them fall off their freaking ladders.

Dad, I know I haven’t been to church in awhile, but I had to read about this in the Plain Dealer. What’s up with that?