This is a shout-out to Anika and Janie! I’m totally rocking out the tiny little fall leaf-wrapped-milk chocolate-dove bar right now. It melts in my mouth and makes my cavities scream, but it tastes delicious! And, to top it off, because today is a fabulously rainy day in September, I am indulging in these little dove chocolates AND a pepsi (too bad it’s not coke, or it would seriously be a perfect moment). You guys made me feel so special and worthy of complete happiness, I had to take your advice. So thank you!

Also, Cowboy continues to call me Pretty Girl, which does wonders for my self image, and he told me last night that he thinks my body is perfect and he doesn’t think I need to change a thing. Of course (I know my girls understand this) I will still be working on losing some chunk, but I don’t have to worry about him. Evidently, he’s taken a liking to Chunk and doesn’t mind if he sticks around. This is a very good thing because according to mom, Fern just might not make it over the hump. His transplant wasn’t as successful as we had hoped, so Chunk may be all I have left.

Oh my god….seriously, this chocolate is ridiculously mood altering. I suggest everyone I know run out and buy some right now. You should all be able to trip out like me. I’m giggling in the pepsi fizz right now.