I had music practice last night, and my fingertips are paying for it this morning (I’m finally getting callouses, though! YAY!) Anyway, during one of our random “breaks”, my aunts started playing some song they made up years ago….it started like this,”I got blisters on my knees from lovin’ you…” That’s all I have to say about that.

It is DREARRRRRRY. But I am still in a good mood because I can not wait for the weekend!! My cousins, Serbian Barbie & Serbian Skipper and their Mom are coming into town. There is also a huge Serb golf event here in Cleveland where I will be in charge of selling “beverages” on the golf course. And, well, you all know what that means….I will be drunk. Things ought to be interesting seeing how I’ve been on this diet where I haven’t been able to consume alcohol. I have a feeling it won’t take long for me to befriend the nearest wall.

BTW…did you hear about my friend, Britney screaming at some poor little kid on the set of her sister’s tv show? What makes her think she can lecture this girl? The fact that she’s pregnant with a future greaseball? Maybe she thinks she’s an expert on child rearing because her hubby spreads his seed faster than a field plow. Lay off, Brit. You, believe it or not, are far from perfection, and you can not afford to lose the little fan base you have left. Actually, this poor 13 year old may have been all that was left.

Dear God,
I think Britney Spears is proof that I would make a much better celebrity than some of the “chosen ones” out there right now. Maybe you could just think about it…you know, maybe just et it simmer for awhile.