I believe in ghosts. So…I have this thing with mirrors because I don’t want to see anything other than my reflection in them.

I’ve had experiences where I dream evil things happening, and then I wake up knowing there is someone else in the room with me. When I lived with my parents, my bathroom door was directly in front of the sink, so when I would be brushing my teeth or getting ready for work in the morning, I would always have to shut the door so I didn’t see anything walk up behind me in the mirror. Sometimes I’m afraid if I look in the mirror, my reflection will move when I’m not moving. It’s just a thing I have, I guess.

So that’s why I’m afraid of mirrors.


I had a little fashion show for myself at 2am this morning because I couldn’t sleep, and I can fit into clothes I havent been able to wear in over a year!! YAHOO!

P.S. I couldn’t sleep because I took a nap from 5pm to 9pm!! I guess I was tired.

AND…I dreamt that I took a vacation to the moon, and CVS sold MAC makeup there. AWESOME.