Ok, so it’s almost noon. But it took me awhile to actually be awake today.

Can I just tell you that I had the most relaxing weekend? I’ve been kind of a hermit lately, and I was starting to really miss my friends!! Friday night, Nan and I went to see “Skeleton Key”, and it was GOOD! The stupid critics didn’t really care for it, but what do they know about the things that scare me??

Sidenote: Things That Scare Me…
1. Mirrors
2. Windows at night

So, the movie was plenty spooky, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a thrill as much as I do.

Saturday I cleaned my apartment, tended to Fern (he’s coming to his last days), and scrapbooked with Nannie. I even splurged on my diet (oopsie) for a good cause. Nan was feeling sick, and we thought that maybe she needed real food…not the vegetables and cheese I have in my fridge. So we went to McDonalds and I got fries. Then my Detroit/Windor buddies popped in for a few on their way to a reception and Jen gave me the honor of putting her hair in a ponytail (how does she survive in another city without me? Just kidding, love ya, Miss!)

YESTERDAY….Nan, Katie and I went HORSEBACK RIDING!! If y’all didn’t know…I love horses more than any other animal on the face of the earth. I want my job to be riding horses all day in the country(picture me galloping over the hills in my Wranglers and cowboy hat…I can smell the leather and grass right now. Hey, let’s go. Who wants to take a vacation?), do you think I could make a lot of money doing that?
Then we went to the local animal shelter and visited with all the dogs and kittens. So, of course, I wanted to adopt a pet. For crying out loud, People! I just want to adopt things….animals, children, men…something!!

Overall, it was a great weekend, and I didn’t consume one alcoholic beverage. It’s good to know I can still enjoy the simple things in life. I tend to forget that when I find myself girating on the dance floor of a random club, two-fisted and shitfaced. I’m going back to my roots, y’all! Well, until Labor Day weekend, anyway.