I’m leaving for NY early(as in, 4AM!!) Wednesday morning to go to my cousin’s wedding. It’s an all-girls trip, since the guys didn’t want to come (My mom, her sister, mom’s cousins and me). We’re staying in some swanky hotel for 2 nights where, I hope, I will find a lovely pool to lay beside and sip cocktails (Ok, water, because I’m still on this damn diet) and flirt with handsome men (there will probably be some old,bald, fat guy in a speedo).

I won’t be able to blog until I return, which is a HUGE let-down seeing how I totally had a dream about blogging last night (I also dreamt that I killed Fern, so how blogging snuck in there, I’m not sure). It’s consuming my free mental space.

I had a little talk with Fern this morning, and he understands that I’m not forgetting to feed him on purpose, it’s just that I thought he was drowning (afterall, he was peeing on the floor like crazy). But then, when I fed him this morning…he didn’t pee. And some of his limbs were browning. I feel like such a bad mommy. In my dream, he only had like 3 tentacles instead of the afro he has now. Someone was trying to warn me of my neglect, I’m sure of it.

“Ok! I get the picture!”

In other news…I’ve lost 8 pounds. Chunk is pissed, you guys. He won’t even show his face through my shirts anymore…I think it’s time for a new pet to replace him…this is going to take some pondering.