I highly recommend having one. However, stick to books for your check-out pleasure…CD’s might be okay too, but definitely NOT DVD’s!!

I borrowed 5 DVD’s from the library, and when I got home, I popped the first sucker in.
The movie: “Along Came Polly”.
The stupid thing was all fu*$ed up during every.single.good.part (and let’s face it, there are only like 3 of them). So, like any other patient human being, I pressed the stop button with my claw, I mean, nail, and ejected the disc from the player. I then whipped it across the room, letting it fall into Fern (Good catch , Buddy.).
Movie #2: “Untamed Heart” (you know, with Marisa Tomei & Christian Slater)
Start the movie, it’s coming along nicely, get to the end without trauma, and…damn it all to hell if it didn’t start up its bullshit during the END OF THE MOVIE WHEN HE DIES!! I have no idea how the bastard died. It skipped right to the funeral. Repeat whipping disc across the room…Fern missed this one…it’s on top of a bookshelf right now. The library will have to wait to get these back until I decide to 1. Feed Fern and 2. Dust my bookshelves (they may never get “Untamed Heart” back. YAY! More fines for me!)

After this fiasco, I stopped trying and decided to read a book instead. I started reading “Hunger Point” again, because as my friends know, Eating Disorder books inspire me to be thin. It’s a harsh, harsh, world out there, People. Sometimes you gotta take refuge in knowing that you have control over your Chunk. Say it with me: “I will starve myself like Shelly in Hunger Point” Ok, so maybe you question my methods. Whatever. I have no shame. I have Shelly. And then, I had dinner.