This is why I haven’t been blogging with as much fervor lately. Not that I feel I need to justify myself, but sometimes I’m insecure like that, and I don’t want to lose all of you internet companions. So Jerk…I’m sorry! I was WORKING!

AND…while I was working today, I drove to the post office where I was standing in line for eternity + 5 hours, and I had a terrible daydream. I imagined that I was going blind. Why, you ask? Last night at music practice my eyes got really bleary (is that a word? I think I meant blurry) and the more I rubbed them, the worse it got. I felt like there was a slimy film covering my eyeballs. I was thinking about this today in line because it struck me that Ray (as in Ray Charles) had goop all over his eyes (according to the movie) when he went blind! So what if I’m going blind?! So I started thinking about what kind of jobs I could do as a blind person. I mean, I know that there are people who are blind in this world, but I don’t have a lot of talents. All I’m saying is I could probably be a street musician or an oral poet, reciting my fabulous work at local coffee houses, but I would be so poor I’d have to resort to prostitution. And what’s the fun in that if you can’t see? Then it was my turn in line so I snapped out of it.

Hopefully I won’t go blind until I come up with some more talents.