It wasnt hot.

Mr. A (as in arrogant, asshole, etc.), as I so affectionately call him, was an asshole. He was a cultural snob, and had no social skills beyond putting other people down. He discussed religion on the first date (NO!) and then proceeded to insult my family by repeatedly saying that he was more intelligent. (What? Really, who was this guy?) I stopped him mid-sentence and said, “Look. My father is a priest. I don’t discuss religion or politics on the first date, and I am now divorced because of discussions about religions. I am not going to have this discussion with you.” So the dumbass asked me out for drinks. HUH?! Did he think this date was going WELL?! Besides the obvious reasons that I will never see him again, his teeth reminded me of Bugs Bunny, and he laughs like a woman. And he doesn’t even laugh at things that are funny.

This date has catapulted me back into the “No Dating Zone”. I know, it’s unfortunate, but I think I am going to go to the Animal Shelter this weekend and purchase several cats so that my Spinster Status can be fully achieved.

On a brighter note, I went to a funeral this weekend. Actually, yesterday. My mother’s aunt passed away, so we had a party. I know this whole paragraph thus far sounds very insensitive and thoroughly weird, but this is in fact what happens when my family has a funeral. We party. We spent the afternoon/evening playing music, dancing and drinking. It was a great time, and made me wish every day could be such a celebration of life. Alas, here I am at work again today with the memory of my 68 year old aunt getting drunk, calling us all shitheads, while her sister sits with her feet in the beer cooler, passing out beers. I hope I’m as “colorful” when I’m old.