I totally just realized that my drunk ass left my favorite flip flops in Pittsburgh. My whole day is ruined. My whole weekend, even. Surely this is grounds for cancelling my date.

So on the radio this morning…I was cracking up all by myself in my car as other people drove by looking at me like I was insane BECAUSE…..Valentine in the Morning was telling Cara that she is TOO PICKY, and she was telling everyone how she went on a second date with this guy, and there was just no connection. Well, they called her friend that had set them up, and she was PISSED because Cara wouldn’t give him a chance. THIS is what I don’t understand. This chick is supposed to be Cara’s friend! What the hell does she care if Cara doesn’t want to date the guy? Anyway…I was laughing because B Woods said, “You know what’s funny about women? When they first meet a guy they’re like, ‘ooooh he’s so tall!’ but then when asked why they broke up they’re like, ‘ugh. He was just so tall’.”

You rock girl! I’m not mad at you.

B Woods,
How tall are you?