(That’s me, crying.)

Jerk says he’s quitting blogging. What the hell is wrong with him?! He’s just not feeling it, or something crazy like that.

Hey Jerk! I’m not feeling it all the time either! But sometimes you just gotta suck it up and DO IT! Geez. Look at me right now. Look. Are you looking? I don’t have anything to blog about today, but I’m DOING it!! Okay, fine. I can see that this is going nowhere.

I can’t stop eating, People. I just had six cookies for breakfast, and now I want a cheeseburger. It’s 9:45AM! But I still want one.

Oh, and last night I had a dream that I peed my pants, and I almost peed in my bed!!!! I woke up and thought, “Holy cow! I almost just wet the bed!” I made it to the bathroom, though, so you can’t make fun of me.

That’s all.

At least I blogged.