There was a major aspect of this weekend that I failed to share with y’all. On our way to the Burgh, we needed to stop for some sustenance, and so, we did. At a rest stop.

I must preface what I’m about to tell you with, I LOVE REST STOPS! Why? Because there are so many interesting people there! Sometimes we see families with 7 kids walking pets, sometimes we see Korean conventions taking over the parking lot, sometimes old creepy men just come to hang out outside and smoke while staring at us when we walk out of the bathroom.

But THIS time it was the best people watching episode to date. Are you ready? A woman was walking……her kid. On a leash. Yes. A leash. WTF is this world coming to?! Now, I’m not completely out of it…I’ve seen these things on tv, you know, informercials and stuff, but I didn’t think people actually bought them…and USED them on their children! This woman was yanking this poor little girl all over the place. “Come here, Honey (yank). Wait a minute (yank yank)” Ridiculous. The kid’s got hands, Lady…try holding them.

Hey Nan! Maybe we can buy one of these people leashes and you can walk me the next time we go out. Then if I get really trashed, you can just drag me down the street.