I found my way home at 2:00 this morning. Right now, I am sitting here at my desk with a monster-sized bottle of water, squinting at this computer screen because if I open my eyes all the way, my pounding head might split open and all that will flow out will be alcohol.

Nan and I went to Pittsburgh Saturday night to party like rock stars with our friends for the annual 3-Day Pitt Serbian Event. This involves drinking in excess and making fools of yourselves (well, at least that is what it involves for me). I’m not quite sure of the details of Saturday night, but I know I scored a free t-shirt (which I am proudly wearing right now), I threw a grilled cheese sandwich at my friend and totally had amazing aim at 3:30am, and was apparantly talking to a wall. Yes, a wall. I lost $20, my lipgloss, and I almost lost my drivers license, but I found it the next morning (Tanks God! Because I wouldn’t want to have to get another picture taken! I LOVE my “serial killer” pose that currently graces my wallet with its presence.) It was also discovered that there comes a point, believe it or not, when Nikol drinks so much that she Can. Not. Dance. This is a new phenomenon to me, and I still haven’t come to terms with it. Evidently, this is why I danced anyway and almost fell on my ass several times.

Thank you, Guy I Don’t Know, for pretending to think I was a really good dancer. I was only grinding on you so you could hold me up. Thanks for not thinking I was trying to get you to come home with me.

Pictures, of course were being snapped all night, and I’m afraid of what is going to appear when I get them developed. But you can bet at least some of them will be posted here on this bloggy-blog.

I want to say thanks to my girl, Nan, for loving me and knowing me well enough to understand why I was staring at the girl-who-I-was-staring-at-yesterday. Sometimes I don’t know how to be discreet, and I just don’t understand why women are so nasty to each other sometimes. I want to say thank you also for introducing me to the term “mottotude”, as in, “I have a new attitude and my new motto is…”

“My mottotude is that I don’t give a shit what these bitches think of me. Besides, she has a camel toe.”

Obviously, this is why I love Nan.