…is the name of a song I’m learning with my family. We sing and play music on Tuesday nights for fun…my family is very musical, so the older ones are teaching the younger ones Serbian music. ANYWAY…in the song, “U Tom Somboru”, there is a line that goes, “nase, snase”. Phonetically, this is “nahsheh, snahsheh”. I laugh every time I sing it. AND…I have no idea what it means! What do you guys think it might mean? I think of the Snorks. Do you remember that cartoon? They had long tubes for noses? Good times…

So listen to this. There is this guy that works with me, who is gay. This morning I found out he is going to be a daddy. This, of course, confused the hell out of me because…well…he’s gay! I mean, the guy brings his Cosmo’s up to the office every month when he’s done reading them so that us girls can read up on “How to Make Your Man Sweat”. But, the story is that he wanted to see what it was like to have sex with a woman, and the ONE TIME he did…he gets her pregnant. Now I bet he really doesn’t like sex with women! Poor guy.

Dear Gay Daddy,
If you want, I will be happy to adopt your love child. Just think about it. I’d be a great mom.