This is just one of the many fine points one can look forward to when being within a 20-mile radius of me.

Also, I bring many of these swinging moods into my dating relationships, and let me tell you…men love it. They tell me it’s always an adventure. Yet, I’m still single. Huh. But really, I think I’m single because I can eat 14 spaghetti sandwiches and burp like a man. At least that’s what my dad tells me after he laughs and says, “God, Nikol. I was really looking forward to grandbabies.” I don’t think I scare men off with my talents…I think maybe they’re just jealous. Afterall, I’m seriously a great burper.

In retrospect, I can see where people might be scared off this week…my posts have been like points on a yo-yo string. But in my defense, I’m fat. (Sorry , Chunk.)

I find myself very unable to focus on the task at hand (i.e. working), so this is why I have decided to justify my crankiness in a June 6th post sequel. Hopefully I will be forgiven. If not, I can always pack up Fern and take a vacation. Ok, well, I can’t take a vacation because I am very poor, but I can still pack up Fern and walk around my block 7 times. He likes it when we play that game.