1. Watched “Enough”. I figured this would be the smart thing to do in case my date tries to beat me tomorrow night. Slim (J Lo) expertly kicks Mitch’s ass at the end of this Female Power Flick. All I need to bring tomorrow are my steel-toed boots and brass knuckles. (Oh, and close my eyes and follow the black trainer’s voice. “As sure as he is a coward, he will kick you.” I chant this over and over in my mind in order to always be prepared for the attack.)

2. Went pee approximately 7 times. I drank entirely too much water, and not having any classes frees up brain power to count how many times I use the bathroom at any given time.

3. Talked to my date on the phone to confirm time and place. We confirmed neither of these points, but he seems to be pretty funny, and he said that he DID notice my black eye, but he didn’t think it was appropriate to say, “What the f*^k happened to you?”. He said to call him back if I want to cancel. I like this. He already knows that I change my mind frequently.

4. Watched “50 First Dates”. This only made me want to move to Hawaii so that I could be friends with a penguin (?) and listen to Cory Haim lisp.

5. Made a delicious dinner of Lipton noodles and Coke. Yum. I sat in the middle of my floor while I watched TV because I still have no furniture. It was lovely.

6. Grouped my CD’s on a shelf from “Most Favorite” to “Least Favorite”. This was very fun. It brought some order to the room amongst the ceiling-high piles of books (there are no bookshelves yet) and stacks of DVD’S (the DVD stand keeps tipping over and spilling them all over the floor. I’ve decided to just leave them there forever. I hate them.).

7. Finally, I crawled into bed and started watching “What Lies Beneath”. I turned it off when I started imagining a ghost walking through the cubby hole door in my bedroom (Is this the same ghost tipping over my DVD’s??). Damn you, Harrison! I liked you better when you tried to hit on cinnabun-wearing Carrie Fisher (whom, by the way, just made a guest appearance in my current Sex in the City episode.)