Thank you, Landlord Jeff, for putting the screens in my windows. Even though the entire weekend will be in the 40’s and snowing (I hate you, Cleveland!), I will sleep better knowing that Monday, when it’s 60 again, I can open my windows without rabid raccoons and coyotes crawling in (I really hate you, Cleveland!). Yes, it’s true…rabid coyotes are on the loose in the Cleveland Metroparks, according to the Plain Dealer (I hate you, too, PD! You’re not the boss of me! I can go jogging* in the Metroparks if I want!).

I want to give a shout-out to Tim, who apparently reads this blog and is now whining because I never shout to him. Hey, Tim! Why don’t you go hang out with NB? That’s where all the whiners party!

Oh, and don’t forget your “80’s Monster Hits” CD when you go.

* I hate jogging, as well as every other form of exercise. I’d rather clean my toilet. I’d rather clean your toilet.