Yes, I have a crush. I’d like to think I’m not as psycho as my girl, Alicia, but who’s to say…

…the guy is my PROFESSOR! I know, so cliche, but so true. He is the most intelligent man I’ve ever met (as far as contemporary novels and pop culture references are concerned), and I think I love him. Okay, I think I love his brain. Not that he’s completely unfortunate-looking, because he’s actually very handsome. He has dark hair and blue eyes (God is torturing me every Monday, Wednesday and Friday), he’s in his mid-thirties (hello! Perfect age for moi!), and he has a nice build (he’s a little short, but still taller than me, so I can overlook that).

Howeverhe’s married and has a 3-year-old boy. Minor setback. Just kidding, I would never voice any of this (except of course to you guys…the whole 2 people who read this blog)! I’m a girl who prides herself on her sky-high morals and puritanical…ahem…I mean, traditional, upbringing! So, I will look, and listen and wish…but once May 14th comes and goes…he will only exist in my memory.

But wait, can I just tell you that he references songs sometimes, and one of the characters in a novel we were reading was in love with another character (are you surprised? No, this is not Nasty Novels 101…) and Professor Crush said something completely wonderful like, “Yes, Harlan was in love with him, but she would always love her husband.” And then he sang, you guys, he SANG, “and I-ee-I, will always love you-oooo—I will always love you!” Oh, it was so funny I almost peed my pants. Yep, he’s funny too. I know, so perfect.