…are the BEST! I must tell everyone how amazing my family is! My mom’s aunt passed away, and the funeral was yesterday. Aunt Vi was a woman who actively participated in life. She was a musician, a painter and a writer…a true artist. She refused to be a mere spectator…I hope my life is as full of variety and wonder as her’s was.

After the funeral, we all went to my cousin’s house (Aunt Vi’s daughter) and ate, drank and played Serbian music to celebrate her life. We danced and sang, told stories and laughed…I met cousins I never knew I had (Mara and Mila…you guys are AWESOME! I can’t wait to hang out again; miss you already!). And then…

…we went to the bar.

Lager’s Lounge in Valley City, Oh…The Frog Jumping Capital of the World! YEEEHAW! The karaoke master thought he was Tim McGraw in his black cowboy hat and tight jeans…the bartenders thought we were insane (we took up most of the bar with our physical presence as well as our vocal presence), and there was plenty of entertainment. My brother, Josh, graced us with a smashing rendition of “I Will Survive”, and Tina, my aunt (she prefers that I introduce her as my 26 year old cousin) fired up the crowd with her version of “Like A Virgin”, complete with skipping across the bar, lap dance for our large new friend at the table next to us, and breasts rubbing on a bald man’s head. I’m sorry y’all had to miss it.

On the way home, Nikol should not have been driving (I rarely do this, but circumstances were such that it was necessary). My plates are expired, and I’m waiting on new paperwork to renew them…in the meantime, cops are not my friends. BUT…my new best friend, Police Officer With The Cute Smile And Lovely Personality, gave me a verbal warning and either overlooked my obvious intoxication or honestly didn’t notice (amazingly enough). I arrived home safely after 15 minutes of sitting board-straight with my hands at 10 and 2, concentrating very hard on the road ahead of me. I’ve never driven better in my life. Just want to give a shout-out to God…you rock!

Oh, and Tim…sorry about the 3am drunk-dial…you’re a good sport!